School Construction


In the year, the ACET_Riana’s fund partnership continued with its aim of increases access to education opportunites for young people living

within the poor communities..  Work took place at 4 project sits. There was construction of a classroom block at Centre for Evangelism Namaira Kamuli District, another Classroom block at Covenant Community School, Kamuli District, a Boys Dormitory at Buvuma Christian School in the Buvuma Islands of Lake Victoria and construction of a Borehole at Kagganda Parents Primary School in Masaka District. There was also enrollment of about 100 children in a partial sponsorship program for children in the Buvuma and Kagganda Schools.Housing Unit_Side View 2

This intervention has helped in providing access to good quality education space and curriculum to vulnerable children in the communities where these projects are. Girls in those communities have also been given an opportunity to stay in school longer so that they are able to reduce their vulnerability to factors that can expose them to risk. In the next financial year, ACET will have more engagement with these schools by introducing its health, education and training programs so that these projects are HIV competent and are grown into Centers for Community Development in their localities. It has also enrolled 2 new projects – Hope Hill School in Masaka District and Bunabuloli School in Mbale District.Kagganda School