HIV & AIDS Prevention

ACET’s focus continues to be defined by the key areas that were identified in the strategy. These include; influencing behaviour by working to reduce the risk related to contracting HIV whilst promoting health seeking behaviour. The second aspect involves building the competence of the local churches to deliver comprehensive HIV prevention and care interventions. The third area of involvement is building of the capacity and lastly interventions aimed at creating livelihood opportunities especially for women and children so as to reduce the economic vulnerability to HIV. DSC00426

The ACET programs in Mbale, Kitgum, Gulu, Pader and Kampala with the related partnerships aim to address the areas identified. The programs in the different regional offices are developed to respond in more specific ways to the issues in the local context.

Phily LutayaaDuring the period under review the work of Uganda of ACET Uganda has operated at lower ebb than had been envisaged. The relationships with the various development partners continue.