Stories of Transformation

  • The stories of change have been recorded through the school intervention programme. The following stories are vital to be considered;
  • The administrators from the selected schools are so positive that these sessions have started registering positive results among the young people through behavior change and viewing their lives positively. Due to the vitality of this intervention, majority of the schools have expressed the interest that such messages should be shared with the caretakers of the young people we interact with. The young people have become for focused with their lives, for instance;

A 16 year old Flavia, a student at Naiku SS happily shares her story in her own words that,

“Life was hard and I was about to get married but through the Life Skills Education and SRH sessions from ACET team, I have hope that it is only through education that I can become a better person in future. I am now focused on my studies and i have no thoughts of getting married anymore. Thanks to ACET”

17 year old Doso Eriya, a P.6 Pupil at Jami P/s who had started having sex shares his story as;

“I had sex with a 17 year old S.2 girl but that act spoiled my relationship with her and yet we were good friends. She had started other plans of forcing me to have sex with her again but through these sessions about HIV and STDs, I have learnt risks associated with engaging in early sexual activities. I am now willing to test for HIV and know my status as I focus on my studies. Additionally, during holidays, I am going to avoid risky places such as discos, bars, walking at night and avoid bad peer groups. I am going to do a small business of buying and selling agricultural produce such that when the new term starts, I will have some money to use for buying scholastic materials. I have learnt a lot from ACET”