Training VSLA/OAC/OVC and their respective households on energy stove production

Training VSLA/OAC/OVC and their respective households on liquid soap production. This training aimed at equipping the OVC households and other VSLA members with skills in producing and marketing of Liquid soap in order to broaden their sources of income.

These training packages shall need to be documented but for sharing across all the other offices. The other importance of these training is that whereas they are focusing on increasing house hold income they integrate well with other development concerns in this context e.g. environmental protection, improving nutrition and food security.DSC01120

Organization Capacity Building – SRH;

The ACET Mbale team shall train the rest of the organisation in SRH disciplines and especially the evidence based programming Model.  There is a need to put in place a mechanism that integrates continuous building and documentation of evidence of impact of the program positive or negative. This should offer opportunities for learning and improving the work of ACET.Oyet July 2