The partnership with the various stakeholders continues to grow well and especially with the Government District Health providers who are a key partner. The partnership with the local church has been favorable and the doors have remained Oyet July 1open for ACET to work with the local church. The schools works focuses on both Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) and Lifeskills education. ACET was also able to train some organizations on SRH following a Training of Trainers which was supported by STOP SIDA through the ICCO Cooperation. In Mbale the conducting of Client satisfaction survey this year at 3 health centers. The findings were disseminated with the Government District health office including the key stakeholders and community. The activity has grown the partnership with the ministry of health exponentially. It is felt that this will open more doors for even a more meaningful partnership.

ACET in Kitgum and Gulu was awarded a certificate of recognition as long term and significant partner in responding to HIV and AIDS and other related development initiatives.